Research Summary

The main emphasis of the TEAM lab is in conducting clinical and translational research dedicated to preserving the health and independence of older adults. Broadly, our work centers around identifying factors which contribute to the onset of age-related physical and cognitive disability and subsequently identifying novel interventions to rehabilitate older adults with impairments and prevent disablement. Incorporating both human and pre-clinical animal models, we strive to work collaboratively to conduct high-quality studies in an attempt to ultimately improve quality of life for older adults.


Integral to our work are the principles of biological aging as well as exercise/skeletal muscle physiology, yet we also incorporate a variety of other discplines - including pharmacology, genetics, and cardiovascular physiology. Currently, we are investigating 1) the role of the ACE2/Ang(1-7) axis of the renin-angiotensin system on physical and cognitive changes in late life, 2) the impact of the gut microbiome on age-related changes in these systems, 3) studies to evaluate factors contributing to stress resilience in late life, and 4) clinical trials to evaluate adjuvant strategies to enhance the efficacy of exercise among older adults. Additional details are provided on the "Ongoing Studies" tab.